Amber D. Riley


Amber D. Riley RDH, MS

Registered Dental Hygienist

A native of Dayton, OH. Amber began practicing Dental Hygiene  in 1998 as a graduate of Sinclair College; she completed her bachelors degree at Wright State University and Masters at Boston University.

Amber is a nationally recognized Civil & Forensic subject matter expert and lectures internationally…on several topics within Dentistry and Dental Hygiene.

Amber has been with our team since August of 2014 and one of the things she loves about being part of our Dental Practice is…

“Our patient loyalty, we have patients that have been with this practice for over 20, 30 & 40 years!  They have raised their families with us as well. This trust, respect & commitment is priceless to me, as it represents an experienced recognition and value for our high ethical standards and our fair and timely delivery of extraordinarily high quality dentistry.”

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As a healthcare provider, my goal has been to build a long-term relationship between my Dental Practice and our Patients. Dentistry allowed me, as a healthcare provider, to grow with my patients through the years, and share their fears, joys, with successful outcomes. We are fortunate to have a diverse patient base with unique personalities which we enjoy.

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